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Building excellence.
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Media and press releases on our projects


Mediální výstup

J&T Group buys part of Rohanský ostrov in Prague, will build billions

Developer J&T Real Estate will build in Prague on Rohanský ostrov. The total investment will be CZK 15 billion. The company bought the land from Sekyra Group. Sekyra will continue to build on Rohan in its part of the site.


Mediální výstup

Czechoslovak Group changes address. The new headquarters of the owner of Tatra will become J&T’s Red Court in Karlín

The sounds of tools are expected to die down here in a year's time, yet the Karlín Red Court project has reportedly already found an occupant. Czechoslovak Group (CSG), a technology and industrial holding company active in the arms, automotive, space and rail industries, will become the sole tenant of the building by CMS Architects, which is backed by the Czech branch of J&T Real Estate as the developer.

Mediální výstup

DIY store and three dozen stores. J&T will invest billions in Hradec Králové

Developer J&T Real Estate CZ will build a new retail zone with an urban park in Hradec Králové near the D11 motorway. Thirty shops and a DIY store will be in the area. The total investment in the project will be around three billion crowns.

Tisková zpráva

J&T sells offices in Karlín, the building will be occupied by group belonging to Czech armourer Strnad

Real estate company BlackBird will buy the new Red Court office centre in Prague's Karlín district from developer J&T Real Estate CZ. Billionaire Michal Strnad's group, which is close to BlackBird, will move into the building next year.

Tisková zpráva

Red Court fully occupied a year before completion

J&T REAL ESTATE CZ has acquired a tenant for its new project in Karlín. Technology and industrial holding Czechoslovak Group will move into the premium office building designed by CMC Architects, for which all eight floors will be customised to match the needs of Czechoslovak Group.

Tisková zpráva

Nová Zelená moves closer to welcoming first customers

In just three years, the residents of Hradec Králové will see a new shopping area with several dozen stores, including a large furniture store and a popular supermarket chain. As part of the project, we will also build a large urban park the size of Žižkov Sady (the Hradec Králové park of approximately three and a half hectares), which will become a place for families to meet, recreation and sports. At the same time, hundreds of new jobs will be created in the area.

Media contact

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Press kit J&T Real Estate

Press kit J&T Real Estate

Our press kit contains some basic facts about the company, logo, colour scheme and typography. A basic and supplementary version of the logo is also available for download.

If you are interested in additional materials, please do not hesitate to contact the media contact listed on this page.

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