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Building excellence.
Enriching life.

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Building excellence.
Enriching life.

Helping to enrich
life for all of us

We are part of life in the here and now and therefore we feel a great commitment to our surroundings, environment and people. We support individuals and projects that make sense to us and that often could not exist without our contribution. We place particular importance on activities that play a positive role in sustainable long-term development. We actively support innovative projects and exceptional talents in the fields of culture, sport, art, as well as social and academic spheres. We choose carefully who we support and how we support them, often searching where others cannot or do not want to look. This creates strong, long-lasting bonds and personal friendships.

We invest responsibly
and in line with ESG criteria

We have long incorporated the ESG (Environmental / Social / Governance) criteria for responsible investment into our business. They are at the heart of our approach to the development of office and urban mixed-use buildings. Our buildings meet the strict criteria of LEED GOLD certification, which, among other things, reflects the principles of environmental policy in the construction industry. This includes, for example, the application of high standards in sustainable design, construction or operations, which ultimately lead to maximum energy efficiency and a minimal carbon footprint.

We support

Paměť národa

Post Bellum

Our support for social responsibility is directed towards those who demonstrate through the testimonies of witnesses that our current life of freedom has been earned through the personal struggles of previous generations against totalitarian regimes. The Post Bellum Society records in its 'Memory of the Nation' database the memories of people who lived through wars and totalitarian regimes in the 20th century. It thus offers a view of history from the perspective of personal experiences. At the same time, Post Bellum organises assistance to needy memorials, as well as for individuals whose rights continue to be trampled upon around the world in the 21st century. The International Archive of the Memory of the Nation is one of the largest open databases of witness testimonies and contains, in addition to thousands of Czech stories, hundreds of foreign recordings.
Ing. arch. David Chmelař

Czech Centre of the International PEN Club

Our support in the field of corporate social responsibility focuses on places rarely visited by the consumer world, and yet the activities of these players significantly cultivate our society. The International PEN Club is a worldwide association of writers founded in 1921 in London. The Czech one was founded in 1925 by Karel Čapek, in whose honour a biennial prize is awarded in his name. Today, the association also includes journalists and historians and is associated with names such as Jaroslav Seifert and Václav Havel. We are honoured to support the noble idea of the PEN Club, which is linked to education and the intellectual development of people throughout the Czech Republic.
Mark Johnson

Bell #9801

Exactly 9801 bells from all over Bohemia and Moravia were seized and turned into weapons by the Nazis during World War II. The goal of the Bell #9801 initiative is to create a symbolic bell weighing 9801 kilograms to be placed as an artistic memento on Rohan Island. This is where the bells were collected before their destruction. We believe it makes sense for us to support projects backed by a powerful idea, and additionally we have already been working in the Rohanský quay area for some years. For us, Bell #9801 is both a symbol rooted in history and a reminder of contemporary injustices. We contributed CZK 3 000 000 to its creation.
HC Kometa Brno
Rugby Club Tatra Smíchov
Architecture week

"We represent responsible design practices that benefit the environment, employees, tenants and investors."


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Building excellence.
Enriching life.